Using WiFi Mouse Pro Apk, you can transform your android phone as a computer trackpad and keyboard. It supports PC, Mac, Linux, and other operating systems. You can connect through the local network. You can also use your android phone as a remote file explorer, presentation controller, and media controller by using this app.

WiFi Mouse Pro v3.5.9 Apk

In google play store it has more than 500+ millions of active users and has a rating of 4.4 out of 5. WiFi Mouse offers it. There are more than 150k+ users reviewed this app.

WiFi Mouse Pro
WiFi Mouse Pro
Developer: WiFi Mouse
Price: $3.99

Features of WiFi Mouse Pro Apk:

  • Ads Free and all premium features are unlocked.
  • Magic trackpad supported.
  • Keyboard and number pad.
  • Supports multi touch gestures.
  • Allow locking any feature by a password.
  • RDP support “Remote Desktop Screen.”
  • Lunch any application using this app.
  • Browse your computer files.
  • Supports Windows 7/8/10, Mac and Linux based operating systems.
  • Shutdown or sleep your computer.

WiFi Mouse

App Name WiFi Mouse Pro Apk
Package Name com.necta.wifimouse
Developer WiFi Mouse
App Version 3.5.9
Apk Size 8.43 MB
Last Update May 31, 2019




Play Store Reviews

Hollen 9

I got the app free of charge. What I think is, it’s better than I assumed. The server consumes acceptable resource and the customer is user-friendly. If it does support horizontal design, though, it would be better. I can’t figure out what and how CloudId is used. I couldn’t discover any formal website guide. Oh by the way, for those who complain about remote desktop functionality: it uses RDP windows, so you can’t use it on a home edition window unless you set up RDP wrapper.

Biplob Biswas

App displays the linked Wi-Fi network, but there is no mouse on the desktop. This happened first with a free version so I purchased a paid version and now it shows the same thing. Don’t buy it’s a waste of money and every time I need to uninstall the server app and reinstall it doesn’t go for it there are some other applications like unified remote that are very nice.

Ep Kalaise

Obviously, the last update has problems. The app continues to be disconnected and becomes lagger and lagger. I use this on a 6 GB ram phone with a 825 cpu and a pc overclocked i5 4690k @ 4.2 ghz so obviously it’s not a problem at my end. Fix it.

Sam Myers

Awesome app, for years now I’ve been using WiFi Mouse Pro Apk and never had any problems. The pro version definitely worth the cash. The developer keeps updating with smooth additions such as the file browser and application bar. Edit: By removing the folder named luminati in the Wifi mouse pro program folder, I was able to get rid of the luminati assignment. Don’t agree, but it’s still a wonderful app.

Rajinder Verma

It’s a great app for the cost you’re paying. But if you don’t want to pay, they will allow it to be free, but based on using a small bit of idle funds from your PC running in the background while using this program. I later discovered out they’re using it for cryptocurrency farming. It’s rather shady, but it’s a nice general app other than that. In addition to the above, only disadvantages are that you can’t customize anything. Other than that. Good bang for the buck.

Carlyle Knight

While the app works as outlined, its own interface is aggravatingly unpredictable, leading to repeated force stoppage through Android device settings to restart and use it. It also includes several shortcuts to PC apps, except that most of them are not on my PC, but they seem to think they should be. Finally, the necessary utility to run on your PC will use some of your processing energy to conduct its own undefined operations. Extraction of Bitcoin? Who understands ; it’s not saying it. Save your cash for one of the other applications offering these characteristics as well.

Final Word:

Hope you successfully install and enjoy this WiFi Mouse Pro Apk. Don’t forget to rate this app and if you face any problem, please contact us. If you want more Mod Apk keep visting us. Have a good day.


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