Download Truecaller Premium Mod Apk V10.38.7. This app can identify unknown caller’s id like caller’s name, location, photo and other contact details even you don’t save this contact on your contact list. It has more than 100 Million active installs on google play store. The average rating is 4.6 out of 5. True Software Scandinavia AB developed it.

Truecaller Premium Modded Apk

Truecaller using an advanced technology where you can identify any unknown caller’s id even you don’t save this id on your phonebook. It is collecting information from another user, and it compares this caller’s information, and if it matches, then the app shows this information. It’s a simple idea, but it’s great to prevent spam, crime. When you install this app, it asks for your permission to access your contact list and other caller’s information like if you save caller’s photo, location, etc. And don’t need to worry about your privacy. This app takes care of your privacy.

Features of Truecaller Premium Mod:

  • Automatically identify unknown caller’s id.
  • Automatically identify every anonymous SMS.
  • Automatically detect and block telemarketing and spam calls, SMS.
  • You can see the name of unknown caller’s.
  • More than 100 million active users worldwide.
  • Worlds number 1 caller id app.
  • Identify unknown caller location.
  • It allows you to backup your call history, contacts, messages and settings on Google Drive.
  • Most expected feature Ad free.
  • Its shows you who visited your profile.
  • It allows you to use a premium badge on your profile.
  • It allows you to viewed profile privately.
  • Its support dual sim also.
  • It keeps your privacy secure, and it does not upload your phonebook to make it public.
  • It offers you free chat with your friends, family, and truecallers.
  • All premium feature is included in this version of the app.
  • You can record your call via truecaller premium.
  • The previous version of truecaller have some bug and crash issue, and those issue solved in this version.
  • You can block anyone by name or number series.
  • If you face any problem you can contact their High Priority support team.


  • Varies with device.

Truecaller Premium

App Name Truecaller: Caller ID, spam blocking & call record
Package Name com.truecaller
Developer True Software Scandinavia AB
App Version 10.38.7
Apk Size 32.04 MB
Last Update June 24, 2019




Features of Truecaller Premium Mod

Play Store Reviews

Subhendu Mohapatra

This app steals our information and sells it in thousands of rupees in the dark internet. The application’s permission to do more than that…. Like my deposit, and so on. It does not display any additional or place in the premium choice. It’s not worthy of confidence now. I’m going to go for some other alternatives. I’m also asking for it to be. Without a fire, there is no smoke. There’s no way we individuals can understand what’s true and what’s wrong. It all came from the press.

Rupak Barooah

I discovered that migrating from a free user to a premium user was irrelevant. I signed up to get rid of the advertisements, but they still show advertisements. I gave them a lot of requests, but they were late to answer and couldn’t fix the issue at all. I had screenshots attached to show them the advertisements, but they firmly rejected that their app resulted in the advertisements. Waiting for the termination of the subscription and then fully uninstalling it once and for all.

Juned Ali Shah

I’ve got this app subscription. It’s a week so far, though, but the app doesn’t work correctly and I’ve attempted every way to get rid of it. Now when I reinstall the app, it only provides the message “not connectable, kindly attempt again later.” I’ve been trying to use various links and Wi-Fi facilities, but the issue remains… Help, please!

Trophia Alith

I restored my mobile last day and installed this app after finishing the restoration process, but it’s not running. On the screen shows the message “Unable to link. Try again later.” I’ve tried a lot of times but it doesn’t work, what’s the reason, what kind of mistake creates the issue. Please inform me to get rid of this alternative……

Thais Machado

I’m not a member. The app defines spamming based on user data, and I have the choice to block it or not, as well as editing name and category. Spammers in Brazil commonly alter their phone number to overcome this. I recently had to reinstall the app because, for the first time in more than 3 years, it stopped unexpectedly. I’m not using my default marketing phone / msg app, nor do I identify my contacts.

Bilal Amjad

I’m a premium user of Pakistan’s true caller app, but this app hasn’t been operating on my fresh Samsung A30 phone since last month. It continues to tell me that I can’t communicate, kindly try again. I’ve attempted so many times but repeatedly attempted the same massage. Could you kindly inform me what’s wrong with the app, or is there a problem for this app in Pakistan?

Sultan K

When I first put it back in 2015, I discovered it to be a very helpful application. It was a fundamental smartphone with 512 MB RAM, but after installing it on my phone a couple of weeks earlier, I was unable to sign up. This phone has 2 GB of RAM and up-to-date Android OS but it doesn’t seem like your app is working on it. We are not expected to solve your technical mistakes on average users, you are accountable for making your app function on all compatible devices. I spent my whole day attempting to find out how it could function with no luck on my mobile. I’m not going to install this app anymore!

Nabeel Xheikh

I can’t activate my phone’s real caller. I use 10 liters of Huawei mate. Previously it worked fine, but when I reset the phone from the factory, it doesn’t activate. Once I enter the amount on the app, the next page will start loading, but the website will not appear. It continues to load and ends with an “Unable to link. Try again later” mistake, and I’ve been attempting it for 3 days. HELP ME!!!!!

Akhilesh B Chandran

Although it is very helpful to me, the only annoying thing that occurred was the message of invitation sent without my understanding to some of my contacts. I don’t remember to click any button to invite. But I can still see that some of my contacts have received text messages (SMS invitations) from my phone! That one thing has ruined your app’s confidence. It’s a fantastic app otherwise.

Asif Munawar

True team of callers… Contact me, please………. it’s urgent. I’m having a serious trouble with True Caller since my Samsung Galaxy S10 handset didn’t work correctly in the last few days. So I delete it and install the true caller app again, and because it hasn’t been installed yet despite several efforts. Surprisingly, his website does not work on all my devices as well. I can’t contact True Caller Company to ask them to correct this problem. Please recommend me what to do now.

Final Word:

Hope you successfully install Truecaller Premium Mod version and enjoy this app feature, you can also try UC Browser Mod Apk hope you like this. Finally, don’t forget to rate this app. Have a good day.


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