Temple Run 2 Mod Apk is one of the most popular action game in Android game industry. This Game is all about jumping, turning, sliding, running. Once you play the Game, you love it. It’s a challenging Action game.

Temple Run 2 Mod

This version of Game has a lot more feature then the older version. It has nearly billions of active installs in the google play store. It is Offered by Imangi Studios. And has a rating of 4.7 out of 5. Let’s talk about its feature.

Temple Run 2
Temple Run 2
Developer: Imangi Studios
Price: Free+

Features of Temple Run 2 Mod Apk:

  • Ads Free Version.
  • High-quality graphics.
  • Huge collection of character.
  • Every character has his own special power.
  • Add more level than the older one.
  • Real life environment.
  • Add new devils.
  • Add more brand new obstacles.
  • Completely mobile friendly, all bugs are fixed.

Temple Run 2

App Name Temple Run 2 Mod Apk
Package Name com.imangi.templerun2
Developer Imangi Studios
App Version 1.58.0
Apk Size 77.08 MB
Last Update June 24, 2019




Features of Temple Run 2 Mod Apk

Play Store Reviews

Loz B

So there has been an upgrade (Blooming Sands today ) and I do not mind needing to acquire more jewels to unlock maps, I receive it. However, the shop bug isn’t fixed – attempt to update to another maps and it only freezes on”regaining the shop”. I see loads of other individuals have said this and it has not been addressed in the upgrade so I suppose that will only be the end of the street for our coaches in their mad hats. 5 stars if not for this particular frustration, really enjoyable game.

Rajveer Kour

I’m a new participant. After latest update Lost Jungle got locked with cost of 500 stone. I don’t have any problem with this since I never paid 500gems for unlocking. It had been unlocked by default. My question is when I unlock any soil on map together with 500, will it remain unlock forever or until next upgrade. By studying newest comment it seems after each upgrade participant lost unlocked lands…

Destiny Boulter

Upon obtaining a new apparatus, my stats and money were fully reset. But after calling support, I had been reimbursed and also my gems/gold were returned to me personally. Overall the graphics are my favourite part of the game, it barely lags, and gameplay is relatively smooth. Highly recommend. 1 thing that I find ridiculous is that a vault of stone (650) costs 50 bucks plus a chalice of stone (110) costs 10 bucks, and maps price 500 stone a bit. Meaning each map from the game is 40 bucks’ worth…

Samantha Carter

I gave the game a five star because I really like temple jog, but that is not the issue, once I downloaded the match it showed a scratched display, then it stated linking to. Then I picked my own accounts and it only showed a purple display and nothing else. So I pushed the display and I can hear sounds from the background of this match. I really don’t understand why the hell it will not allow me to play with the game. Please do something about it, please and let you know.

Sidak Suri

Fantastic game. While I do not Understand this game (do not play with this game) I do not wish to play sport on smartphone. Every game is so boring I do not wish to see it. The most enjoyed things Inside this match are ÷ 1) This match is quite interesting I never discovered a fantastic Match in this way. 2) What’s free (except that the two characters in the end. When I play other games, the Majority of the things price 3) The international challenge inside are Quite excellent. Ex points our additional.

Citizen Kate

This game is really a hoot. Among my go-to for amusement on excursions. Really like the animation and graphics, new challenges every day, new benefits to create daily, and such runs are only plain entertaining in themselves. From time to time, the program does not”listen” my orders, and rather than a sharp right turn, my personality ends up launch herself off a cliff. . . .probably more of a issue with the touch display. The huge upgrades are compensated for with”jewels”, which is normally a red flag to get a money grab match, however in this circumstance, the jewels come at a fair speed in regular game play to allow you to play efficiently without paying real dollars. However, you have the choice to speed things along in the event that you care to devote some buckazoids. The ads do not bother me. They help cover the match, and I enjoy seeing previews of different games that I would like. In general, fine game, I mean to keep on playing. Thanks!

Gramma Rocks1

Why are blazing sands and suspended shadows today LOCKED BY KEY I played yesterday and now you lock them?? I paid For the two Coves rather than utilize Holi Festival; why do I must cover the others now? I am still awaiting credit from two week ago. Your service is quite slow. If they had been in’free preview’ you need to, or may, have clearly stated so SOMEWHERE. Not only up and decided now is the time, since That’s exactly how.

Swati Popli

I enjoy Temple Run 2 over the first version since there are more areas to conduct and mor personalities to select from. You will find items which weren’t from the preceding variant like the rope in the beginning of each run and chests to start and secrets to unlock . The single thin t.v.v that seems weird, horrible, and mid to me would be the coins which aren’t in a fantastic form and that I sense, there might be a lot better coins created out of everything else so ideal.

Jaya Tope

This sport is quite amazing since it’s a great match for timepass. However, I’ve given this game 4 stars because it Isn’t downloading any of those Game type. It states that it’s net issue even if the World Wide Web is going well. timepass. But please resolve the issue. And download the match.

Shivin Karthik

I unlocked lost jungle before blazing ponds and suspended shadows! How come it got locked again and I must collect 500 stone to unlock . Those traces in my previous article have been credits I gave one ur thought of creating such a superb game once I downloaded and appreciated it. The moment you locate players becoming more thinking about your sport, place their patience too in daily quests. It is going to be amusing to delete the match. Thank you for the sport people…

Final Word:

Hope you enjoy the popular Game. Please rate this Game and give your opinion about our service and if you have any inquiry, please contact us. And also try popular file sharing app SHAREit Mod Apk Have a good day. Thank you.


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