Tasker Apk is one of the essential apps for Android automation. If you want to automate any task on your android phone, you need Tasker. Today we will deeply talk about this app.

Tasker Apk Pro

This app has more than millions of Paid active users all over the globe and has a positive rating of 4.7 out of 5. It is built by joaomgcd. More than 100k users review this app.

Developer: joaomgcd
Price: $3.49

Features of Tasker Apk:

  • Ads Free version.
  • Fully automated settings to SMS.
  • Using this app, you can create your app like standalone apps, and you can use or sell them.
  • Supports conditions, loops, variables.
  • More than 200+ built in plugin included.
  • Using this app, you can automate any program on Android.


App Name Tasker
Package Name net.dinglisch.android.taskerm
Developer joaomgcd
App Version 5.8
Apk Size 8.35 MB
Last Update July 22, 2019




Play Store Reviews

Arvid Norlander

Tasker continues to request root on reboot after the last update (as well as on program load after a force stop). I never used any root characteristics on this machine in Tasker and this fresh conduct appears to be extremely suspect. Maybe this program doesn’t trust anymore. For now, I’m downgrading until I get a very nice explanation of this conduct.

Dean Rowntree

The learning curve was steep when I began using Tasker, but stick with it and you can do amazing things with it! I always install it on any fresh Android that I get as the first app. The developer comes up with great plugins and is highly helpful. Well, the cash is worth it.

Meghan Waring

I would like to see a significant reduction in the font size and general footprint of each action in a job. Not as impressed as I was with the initial developer, but the app is still fairly nice. Disappointed that I was requested to buy a fresh migrant we stopped the new dev supporting the initial paid license keys.

Adrian Houghton

Tasker ApkĀ is good for automating different elements of my Android device depending on stuff like moment, place to which I’m attached to Wifi, riding in my vehicle, linked to Bluetooth. I even have a excellent capacity to regulate elements of other installed applications. I had a problem and I was in contact with the assistance. I got an immediate response that solved my problem. Looking forward to this app’s future updates:)

Nicholas V

This is a great app. The assistance is fantastic. This app is highly recommended. Great for a lot of stuff. I use it while I’m sleeping to play affirmations. I set midnight start time and 430 a.m. stop time to say. I’m playing a voice recorder file. It’s a wonderful way to program your mind while you’re sleeping as you see fit. Note that if you do this, make sure you have a job to exit so that it stops at the right moment.

Jonathan Kelly

With this app, I was disappointed. I learned nice stuff about it, but I discovered it uncomfortable (not intuitive at all) and unreliable when I attempted to use it. All I want to do is switch on and off my mobile hot spot when my phone connects to my bluetooth vehicles and disconnects. It can do this, but when it does work it takes up to a few minutes, but often it just doesn’t work. I’d be pleased to review your app if you guys could get this sorted. 11/7/19 Update Thank you joaomgcd for your reply. I’ve checked the details / settings before, but I’ve checked again. Obviously, I can’t see anything incorrect. I’d ask you to create some tutorial videos about how to set up assignments and how to solve problems.

Final Word:

Hope you like this Tasker Apk and you can able to automate any of your android programs. If you want to secure your Android from malware and virus use Security Master Premium Apk it take care of your Android phone. Have a good day.


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