Spotify Premium Apk is one of the revolutionary invention in the online music system industry. This idea was invented by Daniel Ek, the CEO of Spotify. Using Spotify Premium, you can listen to music directly by using its millions of music collection all over the Globe.

Spotify Premium Mod Apk

Spotify is the number #1 Music app all over the world. It has more than billions of active users in google play store or Android and also IOS. It has a rating of 4.8 out of 5 at google play store. And More than 100+ millions positive review as well. Spotify Ltd developed it.

Features of Spotify Premium Apk:

  • All Premium features are unlocked.
  • It’s totally Ads Free Version.
  • Search any music and enjoy.
  • Make own favorite playlist it’s free.
  • You can allow you to share your playlist with anyone.
  • Search music by mood you can easily find it.
  • It supports any kind of device.
  • You can allow downloading music for offline listen.
  • You can easily filter music according to your choice.
  • Spotify has a vast collection of Podcasts.


App Name Spotify Premium Mod Apk
Package Name
Developer Spotify Ltd.
App Version
Apk Size 30.09 MB
Last Update July 15, 2019




Features of Spotify Premium ApkPlay Store Reviews

John Willows

The new upgrade is bad and triggers many problems: 1 ). It 2. I am getting this annoying Waze telling when attached to my Vehicle Bluetooth. I am not utilizing Waze a do not have it installed. 3. It is slow as Hell and if downloading the tunes, the program freezes and can be unusable. It was not Like this earlier. I am done with questioning each day if I will Have the Ability to listen To my songs after the upgrade, I am off to Deezer.

Ashley Smith

Curious why I have the choice to initiate a tune radio or a playlist radio on cellular. When it’s because this attribute is just for premium users, then that is pretty weak. Additionally, what happened to 30 minutes of an totally free music? I moved to a 20-minute run, and 70 percent of it had been commercials. I had 3 different industrial breaks at the moment. Not joyful, Spotify.

Richard Tait

Why can not you perform all the tunes you download? You’ve got to”like” each of the tunes until they get compiled to a playlist. I would like to be able to replicate all my songs. Two thousand tunes and I can not play them? Not really worth the $15 per month we cover any longer. The shuffle does not work. Plays the exact same 40 songs rather than the complete list.

Richard Cable

This program does not work. I can not get it to work correctly. However, when I do, an upgrade is done and the program works. Lol I can not believe how many men and women are still paying for the superior and whining about the bad performance! Pandora and iHeart radio tend to be far better than that. Amazon Music is similar, but it works.

Himani Jain

This afternoon Spotify Premium Mod Apk had abruptly stopped playing tunes. I’m a premium consumer, also in offline mode also it will not play any tunes. I checked for updates- that there were none. Now about one hour ago there was an upgrade and that I installed the upgrade on my cellphone and all my downloaded songs have disappeared. App does not detect any offline audio but in my telephone Spotify remains utilizing over 1 GB of space. Oooh I’m also facing a great deal of problems on my windows program as well so complete what the hell Spotify.

Lillie Zawojski

You guys took a fantastic thing and destroyed it. When this new upgrade came out it changed everything. The entire program is slow, so it crashes multiple times a day generally, the port is gruesome and nonfunctional, the brute purpose does not work correctly…I really don’t enjoy one thing about it frankly.

KEN Cassidy

Last upgrade is crap. Liked songs? Artist listing not in Many tunes Which Were playable before upgrade are now If you click one, it stinks telephone! Spotify WAS My preferred program. Functionally dumb following upgrade. The library format is really a mess. I am canceling subscription! Not worth $9.99 per month after latest upgrade.

Troy Ellis

Latest upgrades are terrible. It had been really simple to browse to saved music and artists. Nowadays you need to follow along with the artists to receive them in alphabetical sequence, even if you just like one or 2 songs by that artist. I wish they would revert back into the old UI. I will try elsewhere if matters do not improve soon.

Sammy Kroner

Why independent enjoyed songs from stored artists and records? When I save a record it does not appear in my music, only in my records. Additionally, when surfing with my artists or documents, there is always a delay when clicking something before it actually loads the material. It goes: click album > open a blank page wait > tunes seem. And when you return to my records from a particular one, you are return to the peak of the page. No stored page position.

Alastair White

Considering that the latest upgrade I despise the library. Why can not I have all my music in 1 place, such as before? Why do I must adhere to an artist? Additionally, it appears to experience a great deal of information although I’m super careful to play with downloaded music when I am not on Wi-Fi. I really like the gadgets and recommendations, however, the UI has ever been pretty dreadful and also this upgrade made it much worse.

Final Word:

Hope, you successfully Download and enjoy Spotify Premium Apk. If you like App Unlock app please try AppLock Premium Mod Apk. Have a good day.


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