SHAREit is one of the most popular app in the file Transfer & Share app industry. It works without an internet connection. It works via mobile internal network systems like Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. It gives you more than 20Mb/s speed. You can share any file with anyone using SHAREit both mobile.

SHAREit Premium Apk

In this version of SHAREit Premium gives you a lot more features than the older version. It has a Billions of active user in Android phones. It is built by SHAREit Technologies Co.Ltd and an average rating of 4.6 out of 5 on Google play store.

Features of SHAREit Mod Apk:

  • Fastest file sharing app in the world, 20Mb/s Speed.
  • Ads Free Version.
  • Transfer all type of files like music, videos, photos, installed app, and other formats of files.
  • It has a built-in a video player which plays all type of video format.
  • It has a music player, you can play any kind of audio file nice and smoothly.
  • You can also play online videos on SHAREit.
  • It has a massive collection of Stickers, Wallpapers, and GIFs.
  • It has a Trending section, in this section, you can find all trending news, videos, music, etc. all over the world.
  • SHAREit Premium supports more than 45+ Languages all over the world.


App Name SHAREit – Transfer & Share
Package Name com.lenovo.anyshare.gps
Developer SHAREit Technologies Co.Ltd
App Version 4.8.88_ww
Apk Size 25.00 MB
Last Update July 3, 2019




Features of SHAREit Mod Apk Latest Version

Play Store Reviews

Eugene Perez

When shareit initially launched, it had been one of its type. But the sole difference between this program and also an adware is its own legality. There is too much advertisements in my telling pub, you will find items on screen I NEVER asked for this game between nations about a match I do not know about and the oddest thing is that I can not eliminate it in my telling pub.

Vashwanth Choudhary

I loved using discuss it but today it’s many advertisements. I’d love if the internet content had a distinct place along with the talk zone and portal it would give the app a fantastic appearance and could be simple to get articles. Except for providing a critical remark but it may help it on your future upgrade. Nonetheless, it’s to say it’s a fantastic program for sharing huge files and program easily and quicker thank un group SHARE IT. I would recommend this program to everybody.

Arpit Shah

For your User Experience I’d only give it 1/5. Things were much better as soon as the program was easy to use as it was at its first days. Now the programmers have made a wreck of this program. Half the time program will not connect to another user. Hundreds of advertisements and notifications (that I needed to disable entirely ). So overall only 2/5.


Just downloaded this Program and Also My Own Android and iPad talked to
Each other, however, can’t work out how to use the movies which it moved. They are not usable and therefore are sitting Share It. If you Only Want to Check at Them, you are going to love this program, but I needed to edit and create a bigger movie. Wish They could be transferred to My Pictures.

Nitin Singhal

Once upon a time that this program was great and market pioneer. And developer thought to encase the chance and the very simple UI was created horribly worse. It’s so intrusive, notifications continue revealing, there’s absolutely not any simple way to change them off. Ads are all around the program. I prefer to not use it today onwards.

Foot Lettuce

I loved this program used it all of the time, but today the program abruptly decided to place ads on my telling bar of a world cup contest or anything with NO way to turn off and it’s quite annoying and drains the battery (10 percent in approximately 7 hours from using this app alone only running at the background). I’ll be uninstalling and searching for one more program as you simply made a decision to force advertisements on me rather than have a way to switch off that I think is regarded as Adware and I am not entirely certain if it’s legal.

Arvin Dave

I like the older model of shareit, but today it’s this annoying newsfeed, playback, videos and things which only absorbs my precious mobile data and makes the program lag. In addition, it gives me a few annoying notifications about a few random videos. Additionally, it has way too many advertisements. I only need the older shareit back where it simply concentrates on sharing your own files.

Rajeswari Mathi

Use blessed pitcher to create this program offline and also to eliminate advertisements…. Waste program packed with advertisements, also with annoying videos and news. I give 0 from 100. This program closes hotspot when I start it. I adored the old version. This program fills my telling pub. Please eliminate the movies and matches. Simply keep only move tool.

Vignesh Nair

The program has become worst today. Issues are1. Not getting connected immediately with paired apparatus two. Issue in pairing with pc 3. Slow data transfer speed 4. Negative advertisements consuming time until it opens for 5. Wallpaper working with Mobile data swallowing it and creating the phone slow. 6. Shareit has forgot its principal function. As opposed to displaying videos and ads, you need to try solving the topics in data transport. For viewing videos you will find plenty of different programs.

Hemchandra Aruva

Dear programmers. I am aware of, that You require cash. However, SHAREit for Android is bloated with entirely useless capabilities. SHAREit for iOS does not have it’s very own music and music players, does not have this unworthy”Games” window and tab from app’s homescreen, I doubt someone will observe from SHAREit.

Final Word:

Enjoy SHAREit Mod Apk and don’t forget to rate this and if you have any question, please contact us. You can also try Android photo editing tool LightX Photo Editor Photo Effects hope you like it. Have a Great day.


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