SD Maid Pro is a file management app that helps you to make clean and tidy your smartphone. Its and premium app on play store for android phones. It also has a free version on google play. This app allows you to manage your app and clean them without having any issue.

SD Maid Pro

It was developing by darken, and it has more than 150+ million installs on google play that tell us how popular this app is. It has an average rating of 4.7 out of 5 and more than 3,00,000 positive feedbacks on google play.

SD Maid Pro - Unlocker
SD Maid Pro - Unlocker
Developer: darken
Price: $3.85

Features of SD Maid Pro Apk:

  • One click app clean.
  • Manage all app in one location.
  • Ad free version.
  • Speed up your smartphone.
  • Allow managing system app.
  • Auto scan and detect superfluous activity and remove them.
  • Detect uninstalled app data and clean them.
  • Database Optimization feature.
  • Detect duplicate content on your phone like photo, video, music, document, and help to optimize your phone space.
  • Run tool automatically via schedule feature.

SD Maid Pro

App Name SD Maid Pro – Unlocker
Package Name eu.thedarken.sdm.unlocker
Developer darken
App Version 4.14.27
Apk Size 7.3 MB
Last Update May 21, 2019




Features of SD Maid Pro Apk

Play Store Reviews

Sonu B

A true ideal cleaner app, I’ve tried many cleaner apps for my phone, but those apps are just rubbishing with ads and consuming a lot of space that doesn’t even clean hidden caches and files. SD Maid Pro clean the phone really deeply and make it as new as smooth. Money really valuable. Best app on which to spend cash. P.S “You should allow the greatest output in sophisticated environments.”

Nordic Queen

I appreciate the fact that it has released a lot of memory on duplicates. What I want to know is that there are residual files left when I delete items I don’t want on my phone? If so, do you delete them? I’m learning this app and I enjoy it so far. What does the “BOOT” app imply? Respond, kindly, and thank you.

Paul Borer

An amazing app. Many years ago, I discovered it helpful. Returning to use it today, I still discover it helpful-enhanced and updated. The Dev is responsive, listening to feedback, and acting in a timely way from previous experience to resolve problems. I’m happy to have invested a couple of years back in this app.

Camilo Nar

The app has a lot of control over cleaning, but it ended up cleaning files required for my OPTC game when using the fast access cleaning. My fault in assuming it was just junk files, but when using cleaner for cleaning, I never had that issue. I ruled it out of the scan now. Good app for those who care about what it’s cleaning up and I’d suppose clearing up room is the primary reason individuals are using the app.


So incredible so far. Didn’t discover any root bloatware to disable but good to remove temp files, junk files, enhance battery management, find and remove any kind of duplicate files though quick to locate but very slow to remove, and very nice user interface that is easy to comprehend and use. Unless they appear later, I can’t understand how free it is without any advertising so far. Well performed. Thanks.

Pilgrim Souljure

No one will take your cash for this app unless you volunteer to exchange it. Stop blaming others for making your decisions. Through READING the capabilities the pro version unlocks, you either like the service the app provides and offer your money as a trade for the app or you don’t. The key is: stop blaming others for failing to make an informed decision on what you are buying. This is a great app and operates as outlined by maintaining files from duplications, junk and non-essential information on my Android!

The Bishop

An outstanding system cleaning app that provides the user much more control over major activities than many comparable applications. A number of very helpful additional features such as a storage analyzer assistance make this app more helpful. The author really understands what they’re doing and regularly gives updates. I have complete trust in this app. SD Maid Pro is really excellent cash value. Highly advised!

MIKI0N López

Best root access cleaner accessible: this is the best and only maintainer and cleaner app you’d ever need, as people have said before. Not even once failed me. Even when using custom ROMs and heavy mudding, it always removes the actual garbage and increases velocity and responsiveness on the phone as a whole significantly. The Free version is all right, but the comparison with this one is small. The cost is small and it’s as large as hell what you get. Thanks a lot of darkness, you’ve done a great job.

R3D C0R3

SD Maid is the app that I have been trusting for many years to keep all my mobile devices clean, organized and backed up by my apks. This app operates great for those with minimal android experience, just as it is the best instrument for the pros out there. In the pro version, many helpful extra instruments and choices are certainly worth the one-time purchase. The root options in particular. All that wrapped in a lovely dark interface for users! Great Dev’s Job!

Rowdyy Ronnie

Only once used the free version and instantly after realizing the significance of getting such a gem purchased the paid version. Gave it root access and removed from Internal > Android > Data a lot of miui / Xiaomi folders remaining when switching from Miui to PE inventory. The app also removed about 1.5 GB of duplicate files from the incredible device. I just hope it does not delete from the machine any file or folder that the ROM needs to execute at its optimum stage.

Final Word:

Enjoy this app and speed up your phone. And don’t forget to rate this app, and share with your friend and help them also. If you love game try Hill Climb Racing 2 one of the most played game worldwide. Have a good day.


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