Score! Hero Mod Apk is one of the most famous soccer game for Android. We all know that soccer is one of the top popular game in the world. Today we will review the most popular soccer game so, let’s do it.

Score Hero Mod

It has a huge fan base all over the world, according to google play store it has more than billions of active users around the globe. It Offered by First Touch Games Ltd. And a rating of 4.7 out of 5 across the globe.

Score! Hero
Score! Hero
Price: Free+

Features of Score Hero Mod Apk:

  • Ads free version.
  • Unlimited Money, Unlimited Energy.
  • More than 600+ Level.
  • Stunning Graphics, Animation, 3D, Slow Motion replay.
  • Connect via Facebook and challenge your friend.
  • Support Google Play Cloud.
  • Totally free to play no Additional charges apply.
  • Integrate with AI for better performance.
  • All bug fix in this new version of Score! Hero Mod.

Score Hero

App Name Score Hero Mod Apk
Package Name com.firsttouchgames.story
Developer First Touch Games Ltd.
App Version 2.25
Apk Size 97.95 MB
Last Update July 11, 2019




Features of Score Hero Mod Apk

Play Store Reviews

Eissa Fayrouz

I Enjoy the Concept of This Match. On the other hand, that the AI is so dumb, it leaves one no good choices the majority of the times. The passing array ought to be wider to add more departure choices. Then comes the advertisements, I truly don’t mind watching 30 minutes’ advertisements but this game is going to have you spend more hours seeing ads than playing, literally. Like for each 1 minute of playing you’ll need to see like 2-3 advertising. In the event you do not enhance this, the sport will remain unplayable.

Peter Aiken

Fantastic idea and narrative and well implemented. Shame the capability to really play is restricted behind advert after advert after advert. Either that or you pay to obtain a lot of lives, then once you run out you cover again. Lecherous and invasive company model to get an otherwise fantastic game. Edit: falling from two stars to 1 star following a massive growth in those compulsory’s word from our sponsors” advertisements which disrupt your mid-game. Thus much effort into a fantastic game simply not to truly have the ability to play with it.

Kevin Mino

This game has some of the strangest AI I have ever seen in a video game before. They’ll literally run all of the way throughout the pitch and then kick the ball from the area for no reason. When passed on, they will just let it roll off or another team will speed to the ball ahead of my players. Interesting game but man this has some of the funniest math and gameplay I have ever seen.

Stealth Fox

This match has a fairly distinctive idea, and you need to respect the sport for it. However, the implementation is really mediocre. The largest and most obvious difficulty in this sport is that the brain dead AI. Goalkeepers will make hopeless saves by altering across the monitor. Along with the participant’s team could be pretty downright dreadful at controlling the ball. If the AI of the game was even remotely adequate, it will be five stars.


I believe this game is excellent fun to play is a wonderful time waster nevertheless there are a couple of bugs like the players sometimes running off the pitch or to the opposing group. If bugs such as those were fixed I’d give it a full five stars however, the glitch gameplay weighs down it. Overall it’s extremely addictive and a fantastic game to play when you’re bored and needing some fun.

Rezi Zhorzholiani

Hello staff I would like to say thank you with this excellent match and esteem of your hard work, but I would like to mention something I picked my nationality, I’m Georgian and what is going smooth but when I saw that” on paper” picture I watched Russian last names in my teammate’s shirt, I only need to mention that we have no Russian title participant in NT so that I would love that u fix this tiny error. Thank you for your attention.

Harley Jasper

Terrible. 1)You move the ball to a player in your team, and he conducts it out of play into the oppositions feet. 2)It pretty much consistently puts you in quite awkward places which are definitely not possible to make it through.3) The lifetimes do not last long enough for anybody to really play the game for 5 minutes.4) The images are awful.5) Occasionally you create a shot which no keeper, however good that person is, can spare it along with the keeper really saves it.

Carlos Santana

Well, where to begin? Ok, first and believe the most significant, if you are not ready to shell out money on it then it is not goanna be a fantastic experience, I mean, this is made as a way to make you purchase game money and also to invest a load together with the moving backward item, the expression of the participant, that. The playing experience is merely absurd, you take the ball to a single place, goes entirely the contrary, well, 1 celebrity and uninstalled, simple problem to correct.

Bako Wuniah

Might have been more enjoyable. But how can players run all of the way off the pitch with the ball as if they had been blind? Why would pass the ball to a player and that he just stands there like he’s taking a movie while his competitor arrives to select the ball? Why if a small touch by another group mean I’ve lost a lifetime and need to begin again when the ball bounces straight back to my own player? Occasionally it appears there are frogs in the articles… not aim keepers. unrealistic.

Andrew Mofid

It helps us plan how and when to pass and take the ball that can help us in different games such as FIFA and score protagonist has a fantastic choice that’s picking which team to head to rather than needing moving into a team you do not enjoy. Adding to that it is far better than dream league football, you do not need to pay an excessive amount of cash in score enthusiast.

Final Word:

Hope you enjoy the Score Hero Mod Apk. Please rate this app and give you valuable opinion and always stay with us. You can try also another popular game Real Gangster Crime Mod Apk Have a Good day.


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