Real Gangster Crime is one of the most played action game. Naxeex Studio developed it from Novosibirsk, Russia. It has more than 50 Million active installs on google play store. It has almost 4.3 ratings on google play store.

Real Gangster Crime Modded Apk

Real Gangster Crime is a story based action game where you can earn money by completing the mission, and you can spend your cash buy interesting items inside the game. I think you are thinking about GTA yes it’s similar to GTA, but it’s a mobile version.

Real Gangster Crime
Real Gangster Crime
Developer: Naxeex Studio
Price: Free+

Features of Real Gangster Crime Mod Apk:

  • The main feature of this game is Unlimited Money.
  • This game runs 3D graphics and special effects.
  • Updated and extended Map.
  • New updated weapons.
  • New tank and helicopter.
  • Added new model destroyable Car.
  • And this version of this game is Ad Free.
  • Unlimited weapons.
  • Unlimited cars.
  • Unlimited tanks and helicopters.


  • Android 4.1 or higher.

Real Gangster Crime

App Name Real Gangster Crime
Package Name com.gta.real.gangster.crime
Developer Naxeex Studio
App Version 5.6
Apk Size 100 MB
Last Update April 29, 2019




Features of Real Gangster Crime Mod Apk

Play Store Reviews

Taahir Shaikh

Has distinct levels of tasks. Hunting for arms and treasures makes it more exciting. You can collect incredible vehicles with diamonds that you can accomplish through tasks. It enables you on the highways to battle. Fight with a helicopter. It also operates as a bicycle, car, tank and helicopter simulator. Several guns and bazookas can be used. Overall experience is amazing. You must download at least once and experience your creativity.

Jaswinder Singh

In games there should also be night, pet shop from where we can purchase animals, drive or purchase ships or boats, there should also be pet house, weapons store, clothing stores, stores, shoes stores, banks, robbery, flying aircraft, food shop, 100 missions, sleeping baths, in games there should be elevated mountains, ghost, big town, optional for clothing, masks.

Keemo Banz

Very bad as the graphics are low and make it appropriate for 13 and up striping is 18 and up not 13 and up and make the map smaller and larger. And it’s boring: (and it takes a long time to get a weapon, and it takes too lengthy to download cash plus I hate to imitate 2 stars that I hate this game too.

RKP Vlogd

This is such a good game. But we want to have a port and have a guitar and Audi Q5 vehicle to dance. Those who want these three items hit and write #3things like my assessment. Thank you, pet shop, gun shop, armory, fly aircraft etc. clothes store, own where we can do anything, night mode, have free electric guns that can regulate clounds and rainfall, have large waterfalls, have large statues like a unit statue, have a cab service that we can earn cash etc.

Abhay Sharma

I want a fresh one, but I believe I’m looking at it right now, but I believe I’m looking at it right now, but I believe I’m looking at it right now, but I believe I’m looking at it right now, at a stage where the money, but the issue is the Scorpi reservation rate, I’m going to be a nice time for the next pair, I’m a little while back but it’s not rated and licensed organic.


Please update your aircraft and Drive Aero aircraft again. Try again and quickly, please! Please update your gun’s fresh Bomb time. Please update Pet Dog again. This is the first-ever game. Please update your new aircraft and update your new Spaceship. Please update Inland for a fresh update.

Mehbub Alam

Good game… enjoying a lot… but a lot of changes will be made. Add robots to fight as gangsters. Add new buildings and fresh bicycles, vehicles, houses and so on. Add new forces of cops to fight. To swim in the waters, add Submarines and some Aero aircraft to fly as well. Add new towns to it. Because the towns are very tiny. Add fresh guns to combat and add nuclear weapons. Add fresh clothing. Finally, Rockets & rockets are kindly added to the greatest thing. Add the airport right away.

Rohit Kumavat

The reason I look forward to disclosing your internet boarding pass and private checked pass. There’s a lot on this website. I believe I’m going to email you, I’m going to have to pay a penny to help you find a position on this site and then I’m going to get the same. You’re not going to have a good time in the Sunday, the comments for your email. The Facebook teamed up if you’re a few weeks, and a half. I believe the UK’s powerful. The list. For your time, the comments, and a little bit. This page’s remarks.

Yashpal Chauhan

The wow factor is intended to make our products simple to use. I’m going to be a nice day. 6 I’m searching for a fresh job interview to be able to give you an experienced team.

Karan Bir

Too good game and very good experience playing it. I’ve reached a maximum level of 50 and I’ve fitted all the guns, tanks, helicopters, and all the vehicles and motorcycles etc. In case I play more than 1 hour a day, it requires almost 3 months to achieve the maximum level so, last but not least I want to say it’s a very nice game and my mobile is not hanging, but it’s also in good condition as well as before.

Final Word:

I hope you successfully install Real Gangster Crime mod apk and enjoy this action game. This is a super exciting action game, and you will definitely love this game. If you have any quire, you can contact with us. And don’t forget rate this app I think you gave a 5-star rating. Have a good day.

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