Today we will talk about one of the most famous and number one media player Mx Player Pro. It has more than 600 Million active installs on google play store. And the average rating of the app is 4.7 out of 5. It is able to play every format of media document. It was developing by J2 Interactive in 18th July 2011.

MX Player Pro Apk

It one of the most popular apps in India. In India, more than 400+ million users use this app. It allows advanced hardware acceleration and also supports subtitles. The time Group bought MX player for $140 Million. In India, it supports OOT platform but outside India OOT platform is not available.

Features of MX Player Pro:

  • User-Friendly and easy to use.
  • This app is completely Ad Free.
  • Support every format of media document.
  • It supports various formats of subtitles those are Teletext, WebVTT(.vtt), DVD, DVB, SSA/ASS subtitle tracks, SubRip(.srt), MPL2(.mpl), PJS(.pjs), SAMI(.smi) with Ruby tag support, MicroDVD(.sub), TMPlayer(.txt), SubStation Alpha(.ssa/.ass) with full styling, SubRip(.srt), VobSub(.sub/.idx) and SubViewer2.0(.sub).
  • You can resize your subtitle front according to your choice.
  • Hardware acceleration can be applied to more videos with the help of new HW+ decoder.
  • MX player is one and only app which support Multi-Core Decoding.
  • Easily zoom in and zoom out by pinching and swapping across the screen.
  • Wow, it has Kid Lock feature, when you kid watching video, don’t worry that they can make calls or touch other apps.
  • It allows connecting live Tv.
  • You can lock your screen when you are watching the video.
  • Supports OOT platform in India.
  • It allows to streaming on your video every social media.

MX Player

App Name MX Player Pro
Package Name
Developer J2 Interactive
App Version 1.11.6
Apk Size 18.7 MB
Last Update June 24, 2019




Features of MX Player Pro

Play Store Reviews

Tej Bahadur Subba

Performances are very good, but only one drawback is the list of mx player songs, there is no chance of making the primary list rename / alternate. The scenario has arrived with the updated mx player. How to adjust in the same mx player listing. Another song length displaying only in minutes, but the MB revolution does not show on any song.

Tenzin Nyidon

I wish we could search for subtitles from open subtitles by building MX in functionality. I would also like to see language choice as many films do not come with indigenous audio so I would like to see a feature through which we can immediately search audio language by building feature from internet sources… thank you…. Ads can be shifted to the bottom most or the top but lil is a bit awkward and disturbing between the video folder….

Daniel Blais

The MX Player has been the default player on all my Android devices for years. The program designers have chosen to serve advertisements in the center of the screen of the player whenever the video is paused. They placed a tiny (2 mm) “close” button in each ad’s upper left corner-except that the button is so small that if you don’t reach it EXACTLY dead center, a browser window will be opened that will take you to the web page of the advertiser. I’d paid for an ads-free variant; but it’s not accessible. Sorry, I switch to another player, J2 Interactive.

Pratigya Esther Ram

I enjoy the interface, the accessibility and the range of accessible material. Yet I’m disappointed somehow. I discover the material being promoted very one-sided in view of the election season in India. I see propaganda screaming at me from the front of the video section. I discovered only a few sources of material providing the other side of the argument. We could use some impartial, verified, factual material that is less promotional and more data. There’s potential for MX.

Tari Harris

I’ve been using mx player for about 8 years. I’m not going to use a different video player! There are so many ways your experience can be customized! Plus, there’s a volume choice to play louder than the limit of your phone. Plus, you can use any control you need to view from your present screen. Pause, volume, luminosity, rewind, and so on, attempt it! It’s the greatest player out there!

Razvan Anitoaei

We asked, you gave it. Thank you for the equalizer provided by the MX Team. As I said in the past review to offer us and you gave us an equalizer for better sound quality. You have fulfilled your wish for clients and that’s why I suggest MX Player to many of my colleagues. Thank You. Will let you know if we need more of the app’s improved quality. Thank you.

Ivan Rebrov

Most user-friendly choice when pausing a video to stick an ad mid-screen. Shows complete user disrespect. Uninstalled. Thank you for your answer, which is obviously automated. An ad placed mid-screen when a video is paused is NOT unobtrusive by definition. I’ve been very close to buying the ad-free version, but the price is a bit steep compared to similar applications-you don’t give frame-by-frame, to name one choice) but this last’ ad-in-your-face’ update has destroyed it.

Abhijit Singh

Use it for many years, but there are tons and loads of advertisements in this app now from the last few months. If you want to click on a video, it’s too annoying, but suddenly a popup comes up with an ad. And every moment the information is on, the video goes down. If you’re using this app, you’ll need to either put the information off or use some other application to use this app.

Lionel Hobday

Use the 5e Samsung Tab. With MX Player, even the minimum brightness (which is 0) makes the screen brighter than MIN when the video begins playing. There does not seem to be a way to set MIN’s brightness. By pressing the home button or the task switch button, I can clearly see that the screen has been brightened. My note 10 is not dealing with this problem, so probably MX is waiting for a fix!!

Martin Chan

It used to be very nice with this app. In the past, advertisements only popped up when the video was paused, which was quite acceptable. But now, every time I play a video, the ads keep popping up very frequently and when they appear, it stops playing the video, to the point that I can’t really watch the video unless I switch off the information and Wi-Fi, which is a very large nuisance. Please solve this.

Final word:

Hope you install successfully and enjoy those premium features, we have a request please share our website with your friends and also share our post on your social media. Please rate this app. You can find this on the top right side on this page. And try also one of the most played game Real Gangster Crime hope you like that.


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