Car racing game is a famous and popular event in the world. It’s a favorite game of the kids. This previous games version earns a lot of popularity. In this game a boy drives a car in the hill when the car gets some speed then the car imbalanced, this main challenge is this game is the imbalanced vehicle is controlled in blanched and touch the cross line.

Hill Climb Racing 2 Mod Apk

Fingersoft developed it. And this game has more than 100+ Million active installs on google play. It is an inspirational off-road game. This game has a suturing graphical look, lot more challenge, and unlimited vehicles. In this game, you can change your character to look according to your choice. In this game, you can allow you to customize your cars.

Hill Climb Racing 2
Hill Climb Racing 2
Developer: Fingersoft
Price: Free+

Features of Hill Climb Racing 2:

  • Coins [Unlimited]
  • Adventure World [Unlock]
  • All Vehicles [Unlock]
  • Diamonds [Unlimited]
  • Ad-free.
  • Don’t require a License.
  • This game is user-friendly.
  • It doesn’t need any hi configuration device, and you can play it also at low configuration device.
  • You can allow you to change your car configuration like paint, tire, coll rage, suspension, etc.
  • This game allows you to challenge your friends to break your top record.
  • You can allow you to create cool Characters.
  • This mod version of this game allows unlimited coins, access adventure world, access to all vehicles and unlimited diamonds.
  • You allow you to share your screenshot with your friends.
  • This game has a smooth graphic base.
  • This allows two platforms offline and online.

Hill Climb Racing 2

App Name Hill Climb Racing 2
Package Name com.fingersoft.hcr2
Developer Fingersoft
App Version 1.27.3
Apk Size 98.02 MB
Last Update June 25, 2019




Features of Hill Climb Racing 2

Play Store Reviews

Naery Llorien

An update has erased my progress for the second time. I opened all the maps, all but one or two cars, maxed almost everything on all my cars, and then everything was tossed out. Again. I see that there’s a convenient alternative to buy my way back to where I was, but it’s all gone now. I was prepared to take advantage of the doubt, but a second time? I believe we’ve accomplished this, and I’m uninstalling an app’s ad-plagued disease.

Keithi Wygant

Game with a lot of fun. Simple enough to make it easy for just about anyone to learn how to play. However, this game can rapidly get more and more challenging prettyi, but by then I’m sure that most individuals will be hooked to it as I was… And I still love it!!! Fair warming, it’s a very addictive game. I enjoy it all, as I’m sure you’ll do as well.

Leon Rooks

I’ve performed to death the initial Hill Climb Racing, I’m a big fan. This game compelled early on this review before I had a really good feeling for it. Has some forced ads, as well as the possibility to watch ads instead of using diamonds (the unusual currency you have to purchase) to open the chests of awards. It sounds a bit ad intensive, but it’s a lot of fun playing the game. I think you’re going to like playing the original

Chris Ryker

Went from a pixel 3 to a gs7. Now, not every time the “break” activates. Yeah, most of the moment. But on my prospective record runs it never fails to behave, then it just flips. play over. I download the “testers” touch screen and have never tried it badly. Playing years, and this is an obvious problem… but I don’t understand where the problem lies.

Satyam Dheeraj

I want to subscribe to VIP, but for nations like India it’s kind of costly. Just consider lowering it, and many individuals are quite likely to be happy to purchase the subscription. Or consider increasing the amount of coins in the VIP chest on a regular basis. 2000 Coins look like dirt if a single level upgrade can cost 250,000 coins or more for a single accessory.

Jay Dye

Was a good game, but no longer because they’ll say you’ve cheated and ban your account after you get too nice. Like they’ve done me. So I email them and don’t get any assistance, they said that I had 14 million coins in my account!! That’s not true!! I mean they could even look at all my cars and see they’re still in need of tuning. “What didn’t they do,” because I didn’t use the coins where they went? EXACTLY!! I HAVE NEVER DO IN THE FIRST PLACE!!

Mya Smith

Except for the advertisements, I totally enjoy this game. I’m not really watching them, I’m going to watch them and be with them. I don’t understand if you’re filtering your advertisements or random, but you need to fix it. I played this with my 5-year-old cousin, and there’s an episode ad. It will be appropriate to display a tiny number of these advertisements on a game mostly played by kids, not this one. The ad demonstrates explicit material not to be seen by a 5-year-old. Please solve it.


In any game bar none, some of the poorest level design. Half the levels you can’t even complete due to traps like ramps leading into pits, walls and ceilings, lawn chairs that if they don’t flip you, will hit you in the head ending your run, or terrain that you can literally get stuck on stopping you from going then you have to sit there literally waiting until you run out of fuel. Stages are not supposed to be difficult to finish. The play is like that. Nevertheless, it needs some severe design adjustments.

Ken O

Very fun game, but if you have a long-term setup, use Google play games to maintain your progress, and for any reason you have to uninstall it. Google originally acknowledged the game as “Hill Climb Racing 2,” but if you reinstall it will now be shown as “Hill Climb 2” and it will be deemed a distinct game. Your advancement is still in your Google account, but the “fresh” game is not implemented.

Color MehJewish

If you touch the ground with the front skis, the snowmobile will constantly stick. These skis are used by snowmobiles to glide through the floor IRL. However, if you don’t do a steady wheelie in this match, if you use that car, you will only waste your entire time. For example, if you have a large soft metal spinning piece in a mine and skis touch it… You stop IMMEDIATELY. Just attempting to get unstuck from this glitch, you’ll waste 50 percent of gas. How high your wax is upgraded doesn’t matter.

Final Word:

Hope you successfully download and install this game and enjoy. Please don’t forget to rate this app and you can also try Real Gangster Crime. Have a good day.


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