FilmoraGo Pro (V 3.1.4) is a pretty powerful video editor app for android platform. It was developing by Wondershare Software (H.K.) Co., Ltd. It has more than 100+ Million active installs on google play store, an average rating of this app is 4.4 out of 5. It is the number one video editor app in India. Today we will discuss advantage and disadvantage of this app.

FilmoraGo Pro Mod Apk for Android

If you have no computer but you have passion and interest to make a vlog, tutorial or anything else to relate video, you can do it. Just need an android phone and Download the FilmoraGo Pro app and you have all set. Why am I telling this? Is it acutely work? Yes, FilmoraGo is a pretty powerful video editor app you can edit video and making a professional video, tutorial, daily vlog or whatever you want to make.

Features of FilmoraGo Pro:

  • No need to worry about Watermark, it’s fully Watermark Free.
  • Ad-free Version.
  • You can easily import your media like photo, video or any media document you want to use inside your video.
  • It also supports import media from social networking sites like Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp.
  • It has a massive collection of theme, and you can choose one and editing on this. Theme library is free.
  • You can preview your video when you edit this.
  • It has a music library of licensed songs.
  • You can also use your own music by importing on the editor.
  • It supports recommended video ration for all social sites like square size for Instagram ratio 1:1, cinema classic size for YouTube ratio 16:9.
  • Its supports play in reverse to create a magic trick on your video.
  • You can create a time-lapse seen using time-lapse tool.
  • It supports to create fast or slow motion seen by using slow down and speed up.
  • It allows to create various transitions like split, dissolve, wipe, shutter and zoom out to combine multiple pictures and videos seamlessly.
  • Allows creating movie effects by using overlays & filters tools.
  • Create beautiful and animated text inside your video using text and titles tool.
  • Want to add impressive still and motion graphics seen on your video, yes you can do it, you can find it on elements section.
  • It has some professional editing tool, and these are slow/fast motion editor, rotate, reverse play, delete, trim by duration, mute, duplicate.
  • Has some free material to use on your video without and copyright these are themes, overlays, licensed music, titles, transitions, filters, elements.
  • You can export full HD video like 720p, 1080p at any time on your gallery.
  • You can directly share your video on YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, WhatsApp, Tumblr, Instagram, and Email, etc.
  • FilmoraGo supports more than 15+ languages like English, Russian, German, Chinese, Korean, Spanish, Nederland, Turkish, Italian, Arabic, Portuguese, French, and Japanese, etc.


App Name FilmoraGo – Free Video Editor
Package Name com.wondershare.filmorago
Developer Wondershare Software (H.K.) Co., Ltd.
App Version 3.1.4
Apk Size 35 MB
Last Update May 5, 2019




Features of FilmoraGo Pro

Play Store Reviews

Michelle Cordelia

Keep on freezing and lagging and every time I go back to a previous project it would say that the file gets damaged when I didn’t actually delete the documents I used in the projects. Not only once did this occur, but whenever I attempt to edit a video. It’s a waste of time like that. Spended 3 days for nothing. To download this app, my mobile information wasted. Peeps, be conscious. Do not let this app raise your hopes and throw it to the floor with difficulty.

Johann Bret Bautista

I can’t convey how disappointing this app is, a professional video editor and animator. It’s not worth my time to list a lot of issues. It can’t even find recorded video on wmv and mp4 screen!! Such as wasting time, a simple thing can’t even do. Edit: Really! This garbage is the choice of the editor?!

Meaningless Sky

Love the app. Use it to create fandom edits and videos from YouTube. It enables me to splice videos together, edit images, and add music, all free of charge. It’s the first app I’ve ever found that doesn’t make you pay more than the bare minimum basics for access. Most of the applications I’ve attempted make you pay for music, or upgrade to a premium version to do anything but exercise, instead of editing, posting, and sharing your job. Wish, though, that worked offline.

Cheryl W

Great app, but there’s one large issue: after every single clip you add to your project (Android user), the audio automatically fades out. The end outcome is a fade-out project that is extremely irritating throughout. I wish they made this function optional or just placed a fade-out automatic audio at the very end of the project. I really hope designers will solve this quickly because if they do this, it would be the ideal editing app!

Chase Detrick

MAKE YOU CAN ADJUST THE VOUMES OF AUDIO!!! Sometimes I want to add additional comments that have already been downloaded on my phone, but you can never adjust the volume to hear it enough. I enjoy this app a lot, other than that. Please just alter that. I enjoy to overlay audio, but that makes it so much harder than it should be.

Janney Trupel

Continues to restart while I was editing. I mean, the app is great and all I do is try to edit a video. It just restarts while I’m in the middle of editing and when I press’ continue project,’ it continues to say that the video that I was editing was damaged and could not be opened. I attempted to offer it a opportunity many times, but I just ended up disappointed.

TooTall Live

This is amazing app! It enables fundamental videos to be transformed into elaborate film clips! The healing edit option appears to freeze the app and you’ve reloaded it, but that’s the only glitch I’ve had. Outside of that, it may seem like an assembly line that without effort does not run backwards, it may feel counter-intuitive to back up a step or two. But the download is well worth it!!

Rosanne C.

This used to be my favourite app down to my fingers. The characteristics for just an app are so comprehensive and incredible. Now the whole time it crashes. Freeze my phone and make it a decent 5 minutes or more blank / black before I can do anything. I also lose all my job most of the moment when it crashes. What has occurred? Please correct the bugs. This was the greatest photo editing app out there hands down…. Now it’s only eh.

Julie Contin

Love the app. Recommend it very much. I was really struggling to find a video editor for my projects, so I was literally compelled to go there and do my own thing. This program has been a saver of life! Easy to learn with all the correct components and intuitive. I began using it on my cell phone and was so amazed by the polished outcomes that I bought a permit to use it on my desktop because my projects were getting more engaged as well. It’s a must!

Caroline Lowe

I enjoy the app, used to have zero issues with it. It worked smoothly, was user friendly, and creating projects with it was enjoyable. However, there were more bugs in the latest update than you would discover in the hair of a homeless person. BUGS: Force closes repeatedly while in use. Corrupts files to the extent that they are useless, even if they are saved. App experiences a delay before force closure as well.

Final Word:

Hope you successfully install FilmoraGo Pro and enjoy this app. Please share with your friends and help them out. And try also Screen Recorder app AZ Screen Recorder Premium. Don’t forget to rate this app. Thank You.


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