If someone accidentally deleted files from an android smartphone, nothing to worry about it because DiskDigger Pro help to recover your data. It is the number one file recovery app in the world. You can allow you to recover any type of files.

DiskDigger Pro Apk

It’s is one of the most popular apps to recover your files like photos, videos, Contacts, SMS, etc. It has more than 550+ Million active installs on Google Play store. It was developing by Defiant Technologies. And the average rating of this app is 4.5.

Features of DiskDigger Pro:

  • Ad-free version.
  • No root access requires.
  • DiskDigger Pro allows to recover those type of files MP4 / 3GP / MOV, OPUS, VCF, DCR, JPG, OBML16, ODT / ODS / ODP / ODG, NEF, PNG, OGV, DOC / DOCX, XLS / XLSX, M4A, OGA, PEF, OGG, PPT / PPTX, RAR, PDF, GIF, DNG, ORF, ZIP, EPUB, WAV, HEIF, SNB, MP3, SR2, APK, AMR, XPS, TIF, CR2.
  • You can allow receiving your recover file directly to Dropbox, Google Drive, email, FTP server, and local folder.


App Name DiskDigger Pro file recovery
Package Name com.defianttech.diskdiggerpro
Developer Defiant Technologies
App Version 1.0
Apk Size 1.14 MB
Last Update May 24, 2019




Features of DiskDigger Pro

Play Store Reviews

Vanessa Adiyasa

I’ve got two reviews: it’s nice if you just purchase the phone and accidentally delete the information, it’s bad if you’ve been on the phone for a very long time and have deleted countless information. Only if they had this folder for each sect, I would say I enjoy it. It’s confusing when you forgot what was literally EVERYTHING when you accidentally searched for about 1.500, even the pictures that were not deleted and the thumbnails when the scanned picture came up. Fix this, please. I would offer you a different feedback. Thanks.

Susan Young

Well, I was very disappointed to find that only as thumbnails I could retrieve my pictures. I was amazed that even for the premium app, unless I “root” my phone, this is the case, and I’m certainly not skilled enough for that path to happen. I’m no longer going to rely on transferring pictures to my phone’s SD card that’s how I lost them. Fortunately, over the past few months, I’ve posted some favas to FB and emailed others. Lesson: don’t store in one basket all your eggs!

David Forzstek

Downloaded a higher-rated app was skeptical at first, and it was a fake. It showed photos I never had on my phone. This app works for sure to recover images. Keep in mind that I only recovered images and not videos so not sure if that works and within 12 hours of accidentally deleting so there was no data overwriting, but it showed images that were deleted in the past year so don’t believe it would have been a issue. Overall, I strongly suggest it.

Hajira Banu

Recovered pictures that I had deleted on purpose as well as internet pages screenshots of individuals. Couldn’t retrieve all of them, they were recorded as too blurred by DD, which is to be expected after I use file cleaners. Surprised it discovered that anyone was honest as they were supposed to get rid of a certain cleaner. Wipe the free space and it’s definitely worth it. The output of my phones has seen a clear increase in velocity. Instantly open apps that were sluggish to open. Defiant Tech’s good job.


OMG’s such a wonderful app. I’m really a word brief. I don’t understand how to thank the inventor. Actually, I just picked up 1416 pictures that had been lost for the previous year… Everyone should actually attempt to see it on their own and stop writing adverse remarks… Thanks to the developer of the application. Great work.

Dave Dammit

Great for continuous deletion. I want them to GONE when I delete pictures, just like anything that has been physically washed or trashed. This app recovers files that have been deleted, then provides the choice to continuously delete them, just as the first time should have occurred. I used this app, and then installed three more’ recovery’ apps, none of which could find the files that had been deleted. If you wonder, NO, I don’t / didn’t have any sketchy photos on my phone, I just like my deleted things to be deleted.

Muhammad Ihsan Nuryadi

Thought that was the world’s end… Thanks a lot, it operates fine, but well because I owned a ton of pics from trash, it took a lot of time to locate the pic I need. Either way, seriously, thank you very much, mate. Just a few tips, can you split your documents by their directories or delete the date? Also some sort of search engine to find a particular folder. That’s all, this app really kicks my butt despite those.

Alex Araúz

It does… something. I went for half an hour and succeeded in “discovering” a lot of records except the one I was looking for. It also seems that it doesn’t differentiate between deleted and current files, it’s all thrown on the same list. I understand, however, that file recovery is not a trivial issue, and no attempt at recovery is guaranteed.

Cath Undone

If I could offer more stars, l would be happy to do that. This app found all my photos that other people couldn’t find after an app to find duplicate photos that summarily deleted photos that I didn’t select. With the help of this app, I found all those photos now. Thank you very much and a wonderful job. Actually, few apps deliver what they promise, some only partially.


Great application. It’s a shame that the thumbnails found in the latest version can not be separately deleted as in the past version. It only enables them to be erased as per their preselected lots / folders. This allows the user to delete valid thumbnails. It was-as far as I understand-the only application where it was possible to erase the thumbnails of the orphan by selecting them one by one. Maybe something I’m missing.

Final Word:

Hope you successfully recover your files using DiskDigger Pro Apk. Don’t forget to say thank you by rating this app. And we also share AZ Screen Recorder Premium.


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