Candy Crush Saga Mod Apk – If you like a switch and matching game, then you will play. Candy Crush Saga is one of the most played game in worldwide. Kids love this game very much. Even mid age people also love this game.

Candy Crush Saga

It’s a puzzle game. When you match 3 Candy in a row, it allows you to level up. It was developing by King. This game has more 500+ Million active installs on play store. And it has an average rating of 4.5 out of 5.

Candy Crush Saga
Candy Crush Saga
Developer: King
Price: Free+


  • First of all, its Ad-free version.
  • All levels Unlocked.
  • Unlimited Infinite Boosters.
  • It gives you daily bonuses.
  • It has a feature called spin bonuses, spin regular booster wheel, and win the delicious prize.
  • Unwarp sweetest characters daily.
  • In this game, you will get thousands of level and explore them.
  • It has a leaderboards feature, share your high score, and challenge them.
  • This game has two versions, Online and Offline.
  • This game keeps your privacy secrete.

Candy Crush Saga

App Name Candy Crush Saga
Package Name com.king.candycrushsaga
Developer King
App Version
Apk Size 88 MB
Last Update July 10, 2019




Features Of Candy Crush Saga

Play Store Reviews

Corina Alvarado

There’s so much fun. I stopped playing it a few years ago because I was stuck on a level that was high for days and couldn’t pass it. There are so many more choices to get boosters when I downloaded it lately, and so many more elements to the game. It’s so enjoyable and I’m so happy that I’ve downloaded it again.

Billy Bill

Win the most difficult stages and retrieve all the scrolls-what is your reward? If you are dumb enough to spend actual cash on power-ups, just a discount. Wow! That’s amazing! Null stars. I hate the game. I’m up to level 500 and I just realized I haven’t even liked the last hundred or so levels-just thinking things would get better or better, but you’re just getting crumbs. The developers want you to get hooked and spend actual cash, which is the ultimate result.

Diana Kellum

Great time-passing way. My grandsons and I play; the game is really enjoyable for us all. Playing is very simple, even for kids. When I used to bring my 11yr ancient grandson to meetings with me and he was so fidgety that it was hard for both of us. Now he can play Candy Crush and we’re both much less stressed with the waiting because it’s so nice to keep him busy.

Laura Tavares

Will not load into my Facebook page and will not load my extra boosters either. On everything else, Wi-Fi works fine, emails other games and FB. I’m completed uninstalling and unfreezing reinstall! Just did that again and now, when I’m on 3409, demonstrate level 2. This was more common with problems… Phone and all updated your CC! I’m expecting my boosters to come to me, not just to compensate for my inconvenience…

Lee Evans

Then my phone broke and I brought a fresh one and downloaded the app again using the same Facebook login information as I always used but lost all my progress and had to begin again from the beginning. So it was a waste of time all the time, effort and money spent on it over the years. My phone is the only thing that has altered so all my advancement has disappeared. I’m angry.

Sky Holmes

Play now for about two years. Never had a dime invested and I was up to 2338. But the last couple of weeks were just trouble. I swear to God that I’m making the correct movements, but the game just refuses to let me win that level. I really wanted to complete this game, but the greediness of it all makes me sincerely upset. I won’t purchase anything because it’s impossible to purchase a level. Either I’m winning it or I’m not winning it, so just give me back my match.

Terry Perry

Game with a lot of fun. 4 stars because all my boosters are presently available in additional minutes of use, always awarded after I’ve spent my 5 life and it takes longer to gain extra lives than the moment I’ve been rewarded. The recompenses are pointless. I’d like to see this kind of prize gone or given before I’m out of life.

Tim Lester

Fixed at level 1066. Unable to pass without spending booster cash. I don’t mind the hard levels, there were some that I’ve been stuck on for months. But this is the first without spending money that you simply can not finish. Deceptive as I enjoyed the game, but why go on when there’s just no pleasure remaining, just frustration.

Selim El Karaan

I use this game to love and spend a lot of cash buying gold and so on. Now I’m stuck on the 1999 stage and understand that unless I purchase gold, I can never pass this level. This turned me off this game because it shows that it is not my ability that moves me forward as all my attempts are frustrated to force me to purchase. I think I’m going to delete the game from King and all the others.

Jay Rios

I had just began to play this game and had problems already. I began on my phone, but I thought I was going to download it to my tablet to avoid wasting my phone battery, but even though the levels were synchronizing, nothing else was going to happen. I don’t have any if my energy ups I have on my phone when I attempt to play on my laptop. Not sure what’s happening, but uninstall time.

Final Word:

Hope you successfully install and enjoy this awesome puzzle game. And liked it so much. Try also Hill Climb Racing 2. If you have any question, please contact us and stay connected with us. And don’t forget to rate this app.


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