AZ Screen Recorder Premium Apk V5.1.8 [Latest Version]

Screen recorder is one of these days ‘ most helpful app. We’re going to discuss AZ Screen Recorder in this article. You will be able to record your android screen effectively if you read this post very closely, and you will be able to record your game, tutorial and anything you want on your smartphone.

AZ Screen Recorder Premium Apk

AZ Screen Recorder is just an app that featured on CNET, Google Play Home Page, Yahoo News, Droid-Life, Android Police, Android Central.

AZ Screen Recorder - No Root
AZ Screen Recorder - No Root

Features of AZ Screen Recorder:

  • It’s super easy to use and user friendly.
  • This is the only app that enables HD and complete HD videos to be recorded.
  • It enables you to stream your live screen, particularly for games that need to stream your game on live stream locations.
  • The most significant characteristic is that this app is free of advertising.
  • No root access is required for this app.
  • You can also attach your microphone when you record tutorial or game, and you’ll get a professional performance.
  • It’s completely free of watermarks.
  • You can create a professional promotional video for your Online Business.
  • It’s the only app which allows to push and play feature while recording screen.
  • When you record screen you can also record your face via front camera.
  • You can also allow your video to be trimmed to remove unnecessary components from your video and make it easy and tidy.
  • This app enables you to draw for your learners on the screen while recording tutorial video.


AZ Screen Recorder requires some configuration for better performance.

  • Android 5.0 or higher.
  • At least 2GB ram for better performance.

AZ Screen Recorder

App Name AZ Screen Recorder
Package Name
Developer Hecorat
App Version 5.1.8
Apk Size 17.3 MB
Last Update June 19, 2019


How to Download:

A Download link given on this page click here and download this app.

How to install:

First, make sure that you permit file installation from external sources, kindly switch on from your device configurations if it is not turned on. Then the download folder needs to be opened and the package found. Tap it and follow the directions if any access is required to allow them and automatically install them.



AZ Screen Recorder Premium Apk

Play Store Reviews

sourav halder

Sir’s a great app, but we can’t solve the water mark in one location. The text interrupts my gameplay when I play a game and accidentally touch the watermark. Please conceal your own screen’s watermark and only display screen. And if the screen recorder records video h264 or h265 for small storage devices that might be of excellent assistance.

Rachel Wan

Records fantastic, but just want it to be able to record the I perpetual audio instead of having to answer on the outside, because then the audio is always echoed and would pick up sounds from anyone outside speaking.

Brian Dee

This App Recorder is PlayStore’s loads of comparable apps. But compare with other applications out there would be extremely recommended. Simple and user friendly. And a nice one if you’re stupid enough and you’re not sure how to root your Android device. Receive this app, please. No root will be needed to make your life simpler.

Kathy Kent

If you have an LG Phone, this recording tool is a must! The app is not intrusive, so it does not cause any issues with screen overlay on the 8.0 and up in their phone’s LG system. It’s not going to lock the accessibilities down and shut you out until you uninstall the poor app. I’ve been testing this one for three months, and the AZ Screen Recorder is the best hand on the play store.

Lizet Terrazas

IT GETS STUCK THERE when you’re trying to close the draw change color thing and I had to restart my phone. Just like adding a tilt option to tilt the recording instead of getting a small screen when you watch it. Need a few more fixes, but I believe I’m sorry if you concentrated more on the draw option and fixed it, it would be nice, but it’s great right now, but not great.

Dj Kai Gamer

It’s fantastic, but you can reply, please! I remember having this little white bubble and it’s going to show up when I touch anything on my phone… but I’m getting annoyed… you know how to get rid of it? I’ve been trying to delete the app, but I haven’t helped… If it’s not from your app, can you tell me? Please, do I need assistance deaspratly (not the right spelling)??? After that, I’ll offer you five stars. Thanks ahead of time!

Angéla Horváth

It starts recording the screen, but with the red button it can’t stop because it doesn’t do anything. Only in the notification bar can you stop recording. Once it has been saved, the recorded video can not be opened because every single video app says it is corrupted. Also, it doesn’t save anything when you take a screenshoot.


Every single screen recorder I downloaded and this was the last one I saw. And not all of them recorded what song they were playing. It only registers the sound in true life as I was watching T.V. for instance. Then it only records television sounds. Not the sounds I want my phone to record. #AudioProblems


Perfect for recording all of the game thanks to Az Please don’t do anything to ruin this app PLEASE!! IT IS SMOOTH AS EVER JUST ONE TINUS ISSUE THE UPLOAD SPEED OR THE EDITING SPEED LIKE IM ADDDING MUSIC IT TAKES LIKE TEN MINUTES JUST TO EDIT THE MUSIC IN PLEASE FIX THAT ISSUE OTHER THAT IS GREAT; Recommend evryone who has been searching for a nice screen recorder.

Joe Chapman

Great! The only thing I want might be distinct as I often want to crop * and * trim a clip before sharing it, but it’s got to be one or the other. Hitting Back cancels the entire edit, but it would be great if we were able to go back to the edit suite and select additional settings before sharing.

Final Word:

I hope you’ll be successful in downloading this app and enjoying the features on this app, if you face any download or installation problems, please contact us using the contact us form and don’t forget the price of this app you’ll find on the top right of this page. Have a nice day. Stay tuned to Mods Mama.

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