Avast Cleanup Pro Apk is one of top leading cache and junk cleaner app on android tools industry. It cleans up all your unnecessary cache and junk files in one click and speeds up your android device. Most of the users love this app because of its unique features. Today we will deeply talk about this app.

Avast Cleanup Pro Apk

Avast Software offered this app and over billions of users over the world. It has over 800k+ review on google play store, and it is the top rated app on google play store. In this version, all premium features are unlocked and ready to use.

Features of Avast Cleanup Pro Apk:

  • Ads Free Premium version.
  • All features are unlocked.
  • Mobile friendly and ready to use.
  • Successfully removed cache and junk files from your android device.
  • Identify which app uses most space.
  • Identify unused app and notify you.
  • Able to find duplicate content like photo, video, any document and delete them.
  • Clean your RAM and boost up your performance.
  • It has a battery saver mode.
  • It has a feature called Pro Battery Life it helps to set your Battery uses depending on location.
  • It has an automatic cleaning feature using this feature you can schedule your regular cleaning.
  • This app has a dedicated support team.
  • You can disable unused background app just one click.
  • Overall it’s perfect for cache, junk and RAM cleaner, battery saver, and speed boosting for Android Smartphones.

Avast Cleanup & Boost, Phone Cleaner, Optimizer

App Name Avast Cleanup Pro
Package Name com.avast.android.cleaner
Developer Avast Software
App Version 4.14.1
Apk Size 20.04 MB
Last Update July 25, 2019




Play Store Reviews

Jerry Morales

I’ve attempted a lot of app cleaners for my phone and my fire, and this cleaner is by far the greatest I’ve ever discovered. It does precisely for what it’s produced… It cleans all of your junk files (I found apps like clean masters that don’t effectively clean your junk files at all, even though it says it was because of the same number of junk files At that moment, I had been there on my phone after several efforts to clean up). Overall, this app is for everyone a definite must-have.

Cindy Guffey- McCulloch

Just installed this a couple of days ago and over 500 MB of junk has already been washed from my phone. I’m good at cleaning the cache from my apps so 500 MB is another “hidden” cache you’ve discovered. It’s also pretty nice to find duplicate photos and thumbnails that enabled me to uninstall another duplicate photo finding app that was much bigger and didn’t do a job as good as Avast Cleanup, so that’s also a victory.

Justin Poole

Does a great job keeping cache from building up, showing apps you haven’t used and a schedule of their last use and allowing you to pick those you want to remove to free up room, boosts memory to maintain your phone running fast and smooth. I would buy the paid version if it was cheaper, but to me the benefits or offers are valuable at the price point at the moment.

Angie Ellis

I loved this Avast Cleanup Pro Apk and used it on my androids for years. But now I’m spoiled by the lengthy video ads. Of course, it’s always had ordinary advertisements, and you expect that on a helpful free app, but now the video advertisements take so long to run that your phone comes back to bed while you’re still waiting for the add to finish, So I just give up attempting to scan that’s defeating the app’s objective. I believe the usefulness of this app has survived for me. So unless it returns to using only still advertisements (which isn’t a problem because they don’t last too long), or halves the duration of the video ads, I don’t believe it’s much more helpful. UPDATE: I originally gave this app 2 stars and I got a’ developer’ response that said-buy the paid version you don’t want ads! They do not seem to have taken into consideration my complaint that the video advertisement is too long-the remarks of the designers convinced me to decrease my rating to one star because they do not listen to feedback. I reiterate my concerns: ………… announces a wonderful thing, it’s a fair price for things of free quality. BUT the fresh video ads are too long for this app to be feasible.

Michael Bailey

Okay, but there’s a little pain to use. On an LGQ7 + w / Android 8.1.0, Avast Cleanup does not recognize the accessibility environment. I get a popup every time it cleans that tells me I’ve turned on that environment, even though it’s already on. I need to switch it off instantly to get it up and running. It seems to me to be a rather meaningless practice. Please solve this.

Diane Morrow

The cks you send out are scattered, the payee might care less, they’re shared by the bank. You’re going to be the only one that cares about what cks you chose, how they looked and left with the copy of the carben. The same applies to Avast Cleaner. FREE. His work is fantastic. You see the quitting of the garbage. FREE. His work is fantastic. You see the quitting of the garbage. FREE. Your unit is going to last longer in exchange. Money remains in the pocket. And of course there are others out there who are free but are looking for velocity, pulling up the app or switching to 3-4 screens. Try that. There’s nothing to lose.

Final Word:

Hope you love this Avast Cleanup Pro Apk and enjoy those advantage on this app. Don’t forget to share this app. If you want to automate your Android Phone use BusyBox Pro. Stay with us. Have a good day.


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