Now a day’s call recorder is one of the most important tool in daily life’s, and today we will talk about Automatic Call Recorder Pro. It was developed by Appliqato. More than 100+ Million active installs on google play store an average rating of 4.5 out of 5.

Automatic Call Recorder Pro

Call recorder is one of the most useful tools in today world. It uses many reasons, and some are using it to protect their selves from others. I think you understood what I want to say. Overall it makes easy humans lives.

Automatic Call Recorder Pro
Automatic Call Recorder Pro
Developer: Appliqato
Price: $6.99

Features of Automatic Call Recorder Pro Apk:

  • Ads free.
  • Unlimited call records.
  • Export via Google Drive, Dropbox, and many more.
  • Full Premium Versions.
  • Record call different audio formats like mp3, wav, 3gp, and many more.
  • User-friendly interface.
  • You can choose your recording path by yourself.
  • One click recording.
  • You can also select auto mood it means when someone is calling you, it starts to record automatically.

Automatic Call Recorder

App Name Automatic Call Recorder Pro
Package Name com.appstar.callrecorderpro
Developer Appliqato
App Version 5.58
Apk Size 5.56 MB
Last Update May 12, 2019




Features of Automatic Call Recorder Pro Apk

Play Store Reviews

Here we pick some review from play store about Automatic Call Recorder Pro.

Steve Mertes:

I enjoy the app. NO PAPER NO PENCIL NEEDED. Approximately 4 years of use. Knowing that I can refer back to any call enables me to listen more closely to the caller and I’m not distracted by attempting to write down significant points and lose my focus writing rather than listening. Suggestion: take time to delete calls and save those you want, otherwise you’ll go crazy. There’s plenty to mention about the characteristics of this app. Without it, I would be lost. I’m giving you 10 stars!! This is a great GET IT application!


Payable user here. Used to be awesome. Now it does not list phone numbers or contact names and only displays recordings / calls as “incoming call” and “outgoing call,” making the app useless to track a particular record. Time to look around and get in touch with Google for a refund.

Will West:

I used to like this app, but since they’ve made a policy change, it won’t record when I have my Bluetooth that’s 99 percent of the time, so I’ll have to find another app that will record anything that comes in regardless of which device I’m wearing it isn’t. It’s very sad because I’ve been using it for four years now, but it’s all messed up now.


If it wishes to operate, this app operates. I can get it to fully record about 50% of my calls. It’s always recording my voice, but not recording the other party half the time. I’ve attempted several configurations and updates and nothing fixes it. When it works, the quality is fine, but if the app isn’t reliable, it’s useless for me. I’ve been stressed numerous times to end a call, and just not recorded correctly to find out.

B Rabie:

This app used to be good until it was updated / reset without my consent by Google, so now it won’t save phone numbers or record the speaker discussion on the other end. Now it’s as good as pointless. It’s not what I paid for, and when I purchased it, it should be turned back on its tasks, or Google should pay back all clients who had the same experience with the complete purchase cost. Under Australian consumer law, it is NOT FIT FOR PURPOSE now.


This app was fantastic last year. So I decided to purchase it and upgrade to Pro. Now, the recording quality is very poor. In my recorded file, too much noise. And only if we speak to loudspeaker can record this request. Nothing can be recorded except my own voice if we speak with normal or headset. I’m very unhappy.

Kelly M

This app worked great until you can’t hear the caller while recording AT ALL this last update now! I’ve got the paid version and you can’t hear them, no matter what setting I choose. I sent emails to help you fix this and I didn’t get a response! The app is now pointless!!!!

Rajendran Pillai

It was a very good software. Therefore, currently recording with this recorder is ineffective very poor. I’m looking for better software than this. Please attempt to alter the current work to comprehend the names of both the sides recording and the number hoder calling, rather than incoming and outgoing.

James Stone

It used to be one of the finest, but its functionality has become abysmal in the past year and a half. Won’t record the voice of the callers. It loses it for future calls one caller is recognized and saved and you have to do it over and over again. From 5 planets to 1 star, therefore. I’m taking it away. There’s also no developer reaction.

Joshua Groch

Even after manualy pointing to a contact number, they decide not to add contact names to recordings. Next time, it won’t add the same contact information. Other apps still manage to do it because of new privacy settings, despite this app claiming it can’t do it. This provides a lot of time manualy to add the same contact names to repeatedly call recordings. Total waste of time for customers. Before that changed, it was a really nice app. MP4 setting is also M4A, so apple users can’t share it.

Final Word:

Hope you successfully download and install this app and enjoy those features of this top rated app. And don’t forget to rate this app.

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