In today’s world we all concern about our phone privacy. Today we will talk about AppLock Premium mod apk. It’s an android app which provides you to lock your any app in your phone. You can secure your essential app like Facebook, Gmail, Gmail Drive, Phone Contacts, SMS, Phone Settings and any other app you want to lock.

AppLock Premium Mod

It’s one of the most used apps. It has more than 100+ Million active installs on google play store. It’s a 4.5-star rating app on play store. This app is straightforward to use and user-friendly. You can lock your app, and when you unlock your app its gave some unlocking options like password, pattern and it also allows fingerprint. But first, you set those credentials.

Developer: DoMobile Lab
Price: Free+

Features of AppLock Premium Mod Apk:

  • This app is the Number 1 app in over 50 countries.
  • It supports over 45 different languages.
  • It has more than 550+ Million Active users daily.
  • You can lock any app like WhatsApp, Snapchat, Gallery, Facebook Messenger, Mobile Settings, Gmail, Contacts, Call history and any app you choose.
  • Its Prevent unauthorized access and guard privacy for ensuring security.
  • It allows hiding your pictures, videos.
  • It has the random keyboard and invisible pattern lock so no one can hack your pattern lock.
  • No need worry about Ad, It’s Ad free.
  • It allows fingerprint, password, and pattern unlocking feature.
  • Overall it gives you fully secure privacy for your apps and data.
  • This app has its theme collection.
  • This app allows auto lock, unlocking app according to time.
  • It has a location lock feature opening app according to location.
  • You can also enable or disable this app by one tap.
  • You can allow locking incoming call.
  • It allows you to secure your system setting to prevent a mess by kids.
  • It takes low memory so don’t need to worry about memory.
  • Don’t need to worry about battery drain it takes minimum battery power.
  • It also works at power sever mode don’t need to worry about the battery.
  • It uses the device administrator permission to do those things.
  • If you forget your AppLock Premium password, you can quickly recover this issue by using a security answer or send a reset code to security email.
  • This app also an online support team.


  • Android 4.0 or higher.

AppLock Premium

App Name AppLock Premium
Package Name com.domobile.applock
Developer DoMobile Lab
App Version 2.8.2
Apk Size 7.7 MB
Last Update March 8, 2019




Features of AppLock Premium Mod Apk

Play Store Reviews

Dao Yang

For the longest moment I’ve been using this app and it’s been fantastic. But I keep receiving this note at the bottom of my phone every time I open an app after the latest update on my phone. Always say enabling stable fingerprint reader battery saving mode. Even after it has been enabled, the dumb note always appears. It’s awkward. And my phone would go into the lock screen a lot of times in the middle of typing and I have to unlock it again. I think I’m going to look for another app lock for now.

Ch. Amulya

The closed app can still be opened after attempting 3 incorrect pattern attempts. This app does not fulfill the safety objective itself. 12 June 2019-Because I can’t add a remark I write in the post above. Thank you for a quick response from the team. Now my concern has been settled, but I have found some other problem. Apps are sometimes exhibited without locking patterns. I can open the applications straight. Mostly after restarting the phone, this occurred. So I’m asking you to solve this.

John Price

Don’t just give 5 star as I ve just used it for 10min. It was, however, better than any other parental app I’ve used in that moment. The best part is that it operates after the phone is restarted and does not appear to be closed in revent applications. If everything goes well after a few months, it will come back to offer additional star.

James Sugimoto

I set it up to open the app when I call my password. For nearly a year it worked fine so suddenly I can’t open the app anymore. Please solve it so I can give you a nice score. With suitable measures, hope devs would see this. Edit: I just read a few remarks below and fortunately it solved the issue. Thank you for the prompt reply. I’ve already rated it five stars.

Psycho Fish

This app has been working great for quite some moment, but I have the same issue as many other users after the last update: even if AppLock is disabled and not even in use, it indicates random pop-up ads (closing another app, unlocking phone, etc.). I have no issue seeing advertisements on the lock screen when I use the app for free (everyone has to pay their bills), but it’s unacceptable to constantly show them at random moments and I had to uninstall them.

Driver Pro

Good app, but without everyone seeing what button was pressed on the keypad, there should be a way to type the password. This will help if I view a device by team but don’t want the individual on the other hand to see what buttons to press for the code. The code itself is invisible, but you can see the buttons pressed because when pushed, the buttons highlight. I also want the energy button to be disabled.

Bibechana Sharma

This app had everything I wanted: swift AppLocker and then private notification (which can’t be found in any other app). But nowadays it’s not working. I set the pattern for the first time, but it works fine, but the next time the applications open without patterning. Please solve it. I uninstalled this app and attempted several other applications, but as usual, none worked okay for me. And I’m back again to this app. So solve this problem, kindly.

Sagar Phogat

Vivo X5 Pro (Android 5.0.2) is not working correctly with the recent version of the app. It does not lock any of the applications. They are opened straight without any pattern being requested. Don’t ask for settings to be checked and configured as I have done so many times before. The earlier version of the app worked perfectly. Please solve it quickly. Thanks ahead of time.

Cesar Hurtado

I’ve had this app for a while and it worked fantastically, but it’s been popping up ads recently at random times, even if I don’t open it or any other app I locked. I’m going to close an unrelated app and an ad will pop up. I see other individuals also have this problem and the answer from the company is to help us by paying for premium or watching more advertisements. I’m just going to uninstall, no thanks.


I’m going to uninstall it. After the last update, when I close some applications (which are not in the applock list, I see an ad window with Applock at the top. Very irritating and unnecessary plus how does the app understand that I closed other applications? *** UPDATE: it was said that “They’re working on solving the problem” More than a week ago! nothing makes me believe I was correct.

Final Word:

I think you already install this AppLock Premium mod apk successfully and enjoy those features on this app, please ensure us by giving your opinion on this app through the comment section, and don’t forget to rate this app. Thank you.

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