The pool is one of old and prestige’s game in planate. Today we will talk about 8 Ball Pool Mod. It was offered by And more then 500+ million installs in google play store. It has an average rating of 4.6 out of 5.

8 Ball Pool

This game is the top rated game on Google Play store. Average 90% of people like to play this version of the game. Today we will introduce you the new version of this game which offers you unlimited Money, Coin, and many more thing.

8 Ball Pool
8 Ball Pool
Price: Free+

Features of 8 Ball Pool Mod Apk:

  • It is Number One sports game in Google Play Store.
  • It is fully Ads-Free.
  • Unlimited Coin.
  • Unlimited Money.
  • It supports online gameplay.
  • Challenge your friends and share your score with any social media.
  • It supports online tournaments.
  • You can easily play this game by connecting your Miniclip or Facebook account.

8 Ball Pool

App Name 8 Ball Pool
Package Name com.miniclip.eightballpool
App Version 4.5.0
Apk Size 56.1 MB
Last Update June 17, 2019




Features of 8 Ball Pool Mod Apk

Play Store Reviews

Pranav Verma

It’s a great game, with almost ideal physics, but the issue is, suppose you have a lot of coins and mistakenly click on the next game. All of your coins are at risk and all of them are most likely to be loose. You’re going to spend a lot of cash on this coz match, but it’s addictive for nothing. It’s not a miniclip, as some others have said. its moneyclip.

Maria Coleman

I haven’t been able to play the game since the last update. When I attempt to play One on One and then attempt to relocate to the place I want to play in, the app shuts down and I’m back on the user interface? Many others say the same thing is happening to them, so it’s not my iPad. I’ve installed the recent software, and I’m confused about why the app has been updated and made worse. Update to the 8 pool ball. Working with Nexus 9. The iPad Air crash. Unhappy!

Delwin Lazarus

Good day. I think consumers use mods and play online. I’m just level 17 and I’ve met players whose instructions go off the screen, making shots incredibly simple to try. Players also struck poor shots, but all the time the ball is still going in! Without even playing, I also lost a game. There were no issues with the attachment. Please provide us with feedback and I believe you should add a user of the Report… That’s why I eat 3 stars, otherwise I’d offer 5 stars to you.

Adrian Golias

Very disappointed. I enjoyed the match, and I could get the iconic signs! But it’s got a catch. They announce that each cue gives a payback of 6 percent of what you bet going into a game. So if I own 16/22 legendary signs, if I don’t win the game, I should get 96 percent of the payback. I got distinct quantities every time, however, irrespective of what game I play. I never get back over 50k when playing in Cairo and I have to bet 250k to play! I’m scammed!

Joshua Jones

This is a really addicting game. I played nonstop for a nice month now. The only complaint I have is that you lack goals and goals while playing and leveling. More early pool signs are just horrible. Aqcuire pool signs should be easier and there are many, many pieces apart from the victory boxes and so on. My ideas alone. I think the game can definitely be improved.


Overall great game to play time killing with friends. But don’t be fooled by other chips winning. Every time I play greater stakes, I have realized that I always lose. always. That’s how your plan is to spend cash buying more chips. Don’t fall for that. And don’t ever purchase chip play. Eventually you’re going to lose them all. Because it’s there to take your money.dont think me, I give 1 star! Try playing greater bets and the stronger opponent will always be playing you.

Michele Larson

While playing the game I really appreciate. The bugs make it very hard for the frustrating snd. It frosts or tells me to load and then kicks me out of the game. It also says that after I hit the balls I missed my turn and didn’t count my turn and scratch me. Or will tell me it’s waiting to load and then my turn is all of a sudden past and I can’t keep playing and scratching again. I missed a lot of matches due to the game itself’s malfunctions. But I’m still trying it’s fun enough.

Kobby Ash Villi

I’ve been mostly on the verge of winning matches just to get a status that’ link is slow, wait, please’… My signal is strong in the meantime. I’m told later that I ran out of time and that my adversary pots the black ball and I loose. It’s unfair and sad! This is one of the greatest games a smartphone can have and it degrades the game app’s value with this flaw.

Phil Southern

Miniclip games are fantastic, but it’s appalling customer service. Buy produced but failed in the app credit. Despite constantly offering proof, they refuse to write my account. I’m not even looking for a refund!!! Despite their complete intransigence, I’m now taking it up with PayPal, a suitable company. As always, when you need to ask for some assistance, everything operates fine… With that one. Very poor, watch out.

Zachery Bayles

Overall, with decent loot boxes, daily coins, and awards, it’s a nice app. For a couple of weeks, I’ve been grinding it out, figuring out the game and getting decent. My cash and weekly total winnings remained at 0 from nowhere. I didn’t think a large deal, just a crash and sent the developer a trouble ticket. I received an auto answer mssage stating my account was cheating flagged or broke contract conditions somehow. What a croc and time wasted.

Final Word:

Hope you successfully download and install this game. Enjoy this top rated and fantastic game. And don’t forget to rate this game and give your opinion.

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